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Rob M Lyon

The “Service Without Excuses” Podcast with Rob M Lyon is based on building, growing, owning, and running a number of service businesses with sales in excess of 35 million dollars collectively. As a lifetime entrepreneur in the Northeastern United States markets such as Northeast Pennsylvania, NYC, Long Island, Ny and The New Jersey Metro region over the past 20 years. Currently I run a full service business multi-truck firm serving the Residential & Commercial sectors in Carpet, Rug, and Tile & Grout serving the Jersey Shore and Central New Jersey as well as a coaching, training, and consulting firm working with service businesses all over the world. Both business models are based heavily on the motto of “Service Without Excuses “ and giving our clients the best automated experience they can possibly have. I am considered a strategic positioning expert helping independent and franchise companies alike with employee, marketing, and business growth strategies in the service business industry such as Carpet Cleaning, Disaster Restoration, HVAC, Plumbing, Commercial Cleaning, Pest Control etc. I am blessed to talk with some of the best guests on the planet in this podcast.
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